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Bandizip Is Probably The Best Free File Archiver Right Now | Ghacks Technology News

Download 7-Zip: 5 reasons why it surpasses the Windows zipper-upper | News | TechRadar

Here you can associate archive file formats to open with the application. Doing so will replace the icon of associated archives with the Bandizip icon. It also allows you to double-click the archive to run an action configured in Bandizip on it. One interesting feature of the application is the ability to change what happens when you double-click archives. The default action is to open Bandizip to display the contents of the archive. You can change that however so that the archive gets extracted automatically for instance instead. As far as customizations go, there are quite a few that make life easier for you. Here is a short list: Configure what is displayed in the context menu and what is not. Option to open the folder of an extracted archive after the operation completes. Handling of long http://7-zipdownload.us path names that exceed 260 characters.

Original article here: http://www.ghacks.net/2014/06/24/bandizip-probably-best-free-file-archiver-right-now/

bandizip Windows has a built-in compression utility that enables you to zip up files and crunch them down into a single archive. The trouble is, it isn't very good. 7-Zip is a superior alternative. Here are five reasons why you should be 7z-ing your files rather than zipping them up... 1. A dedicated file compression program gives you more control over how you archive your files, the compression ratio, the container format, and whether you apply layers of security. (7-Zip, for example, supports bank-level 256-bit AES encryption). 2. The popular ZIP format isn't as efficient as newer formats.

Original article here: http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/download-7-zip-5-reasons-why-it-surpasses-the-windows-zipper-upper-1254698

Unix tip: 7-Zip to the rescue | ITworld

And the idea of downloading and burning each of five CD images just to find and extract the package I needed seemed like a big waste of time and resources. What did I do? I googled my way to the answer to the question "Isn't there some way I can extract just the package I need from one of the Solaris iso.tar files using my Windows XP laptop?" The answer was "Yes, there is! It's called 7-Zip." 7-Zip is open source, GNU LGPL-licensed software that supports a extremely wide range of file formats. You can pack and unpack 7z, zip, gzip, bzip2 and tar files. You can unpack (i.e., unpack only) arj, cab, chm, cpio, deb, dmg, hfs, iso, lzh, lzma, msi, nsis, rar, rpm, udf, wim, xar and z files. What I needed was, of course, to download the iso.zip files from Sun's web site, unzip each of them (using 7-zip or WinZIP) and then find and extract the particular package that I needed using 7-zip. No CD burning needed. I found out that I could unzip and extract from the iso file with one running of 7-Zip.

Original article here: http://www.itworld.com/personal-tech/59945/7-zip-rescue

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